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DJ Brian Jenson aka #DJBJ began his musical journey in Cambridge, England in 2013.  After a close friendship began with England's DJ Chris Hawkes, Brian began to quickly learn the art and foster his own style with the help of Chris.  #DJBJ quickly landed his first resident gig at Cambridge's private club 12a.  Brian and Chris along with DJ Kevin Pilcher quickly formed The Monkey Crew, where they were featured at 12a and other local spots.

#DJBJ's musical influence and style comes from 10 years spent traveling Europe and combining styles that he picked up in Ibiza, London, Prague, Wurzburg, and numerous other locations throughout Europe and the United States. He has opened for England's BUMP featuring DJ's Chris Hawkes and Dave Rosen.  


The last few years #DJBJ was based out of Kansas City, where he regularly played with and opened for DJ Domenshia, DJ Spin,  DJ Matty Styles, and Maxx Gruv. #DJBJ then took his talents to Savannah, GA and the luxurious Bohemian Hotel, where he was the house DJ for the rooftop bar Rocks on the Roof.  #DJBJ was also frequently found across the city at its pool parties and other various events.

In June of 2020 #DJBJ moved to Las Vegas, NV and is now available for all clubs, bars, pool parties, weddings, and any event where some lively music is needed.


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